Book a Hāngī

There are a few logistical elements that are required for a hāngī pit booking, depending whether it is an onsite or offsite booking. Please ensure you have read the website thoroughly first or email Maunga Events  if you require more information before submitting the form.


What’s included:

  • Up to two Hāngī specialists will be with you on site all day and will lead the preparation of your hāngī. They will conduct a health and safety briefing at the beginning, direct your engagement during, and help you with packing down the site at the end of the booking.
  • All the equipment for the hāngī booking is provided including rocks, sacks, baskets, shovels, cooking equipment, preparation tables, serving utensils (spoons, tongs, knives), rubbish bins, and rubbish disposal (dependent on the amount of rubbish). You just need to show up!
  • The kai (food), prepared by the Hāngi Master team contains a standard set menu of two meats, e.g., chicken, pork, stuffing, and four vegetables, e.g., pumpkin, kūmara, potato and cabbage (pending availability – this will be confirmed at time of booking).
  • Special food requirements such as halal, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free are available on request but cannot be guaranteed.
  • The customer is expected to allocate no more than three people to assist with their hāngī session, food preparation process, packaging, and pack down. Further information about this will be provided once the booking is confirmed, including what is needed from you if you are having an onsite event.

What’s not included:

  • Drinks and refreshments
  • Plates, cutlery, and meal packaging
  • Appropriate temperature-controlled carrier boxes, e.g., Styrofoam, required for transportation



There is a $1000 NZD non-refundable booking fee required to confirm your booking.

A quote will be generated and once accepted the price is final for that booking and an invoice will be issued to pay the booking fee. The booking deposit must be paid within 2 days of the booking request for the booking to be confirmed.

The remaining balance must be fully paid 7 calendar days prior to the booking.

Please note, food prices are subject to change as a result of inflation and/or unusual weather events i.e., floods, earthquakes, fires, etc., so keep an eye on our website for these changes.



Please ensure that you follow all instructions from our Hāngī specialist.

Hāngī can be inherently dangerous as it involves fire, heating stones, and lifting large objects. Please remember to wear closed-toed shoes. Synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon may not be suitable as they can melt and burn your skin. 

All Tūpuna Maunga are alcohol free zones. Intoxicated people will not be permitted to be involved in the hāngī experience. The Tūpuna Maunga Authority will have the right to shut down the session immediately without a refund if they think a person is a risk to themselves, our team, or to members of the public. 

You will be provided with a health and safety briefing at the start of your booked session. By submitting the booking form, you confirm to abide by the terms and conditions of the booking.



In the case that your hāngī pit session must be cancelled, please let the Tūpuna Maunga Authority know as soon as possible at Maunga Events.

There will be no refunds for any event cancelled within 24 hours of the event*. Any cancellation received between 2-6 calendar days prior to the event will receive a 50% refund and those cancelled 7 days or more prior to the event will receive a full refund (not including the non-refundable deposit).

*Special circumstances do apply for some cancellations. Please contact us on Maunga Events  to see if you may be exempt and fit the criteria.


The Hirer means the person(s) or legal entity responsible for meeting the Terms & Conditions for this booking.

If the Hirer is an individual (as stated identification document e.g., Drivers Licence, Passport)

If the Hirer is a legal entity (also enter the information as registered under the NZ Companies Register or Charities Register):

Note: Billing will be issued to the Hirer named above.

Full legal name (as stated identification document e.g., Drivers Licence, Passport)


Please note all Tūpuna Maunga are alcohol and smoke free.


Standard menu:

2x meat – chicken and pork
4x vegetables – potato, pumpkin, kūmara, cabbage
1x stuffing
It may not be possible for Tūpuna Maunga Authority to accommodate all requests, we will contact you after you’ve submitted your booking to discuss further.

I have read, understood, and accept the terms of my contract with Tūpuna Maunga Authority, my contract includes this online form, all the details in it, and the full Terms and Conditions of Hire.

I understand that my name and phone number will be shared with the supplier, Taumaihi Limited trading as Hāngi Master, so they can contact me, if needed, on the day of my booking.

I understand and accept that the information collected will adhere to the Auckland Council Customer Privacy Policy.