Pigeon Mountain

Like most Maunga in Auckland, Ōhuiarangi was a pā.  The name Ōhuiarangi translates as 'the desire of Rangi'. 

Today, long shallow boundary drains that separated traditional gardening areas can be seen in certain light down the eastern slopes towards Gills Rd.  Terracing from the pā is still visible on the highest parts of the Maunga.  



The eruption of Ōhuiarangi / Pigeon Mountain occurred around 24,000 years ago.  A series of explosions formed an enormous crater and tuff ring that was 500 metres wide. You can still see the highest crest of the original tuff ring just to the north and east of the Maunga - now built up with houses along Half Moon Rise. 



European settlers gave the name Pigeon Mountain to this Maunga, for the large numbers of kererū / native wood pigeon residing on and around this Maunga in the 1800s. 

Like so many of our Maunga, Ōhuiarangi / Pigeon Mountain was extensively quarried.  This first began in 1913 and escalated during the 1950s before ending in the 1970s following a community campaign to cease all quarrying activity.  By then the entire north side had been quarried away.  Only half of the original Maunga remains today.



Ōhuiarangi / Pigeon Mountain's native vegetation was all but destroyed through quarrying and other development, and exotic species were introduced in some parts of the Maunga. 

In April 2019 work began on a programme to restore native vegetation and habitat for native wildlife at Ōhuiarangi / Pigeon Mountain. 

Around 112 exotic trees, including pest species, have been removed, and will be replaced with over 30,000 new native shrubs and trees over the next several planting seasons.

New plantings are carefully positioned to enhance sight lines to and from the tihi (summit). Terrace planting has taken a non-dig approach to avoid ground disturbance.

The restoration will have important long-term ecological benefits, restoring a sample of the Maunga’s original ecology while also giving prominence to and maintaining historic features.


Main entrance gate opening times

Summer: 7am-8.30pm
Winter: 7am-7pm

Times align with daylight-savings. 



64 Pigeon Mountain Road, Bucklands Beach, Auckland.